Sencha tea powder using only the 1st flush tea from Yakushima Japan.

Pesticide-free tea nurtured by the rich nature of Yakushima and the firm conviction of the grower.

Pesticide-free tea nurtured by the rich nature of Yakushima and the firm conviction of the grower.

Thirty-five years ago, three islanders cleared some of the cedar forest on Yakushima with their own hands to create their tea garden. Ever since then, we have continued to cultivate tea organically and without any pesticide.

There are no other fields around from which pesticide might be blown on the tea. All the fields are JAS certified as organic.

Yakushima’s rich and abundant nature and soil provide the optimum conditions for tea cultivation, and the growers firmly believe in pesticide-free farming.

Sencha tea powder using only the 1st flush tea from Yakushima Japan.

This product is a tea cultivated in “Yakushima,” an island in the southern part of the Japanese archipelago that is registered as a World Natural Heritage site.
In the whole year, we only use the first flush to make our easy to drink green tea powder.

This green tea is organically cultivated and pesticide-free. Because tea trees are preferred by insects, it is difficult to cultivate completely without pesticide, and less than 5% of tea grown in Japan is completely pesticide-free.

No chemical fertilizers

We grow tea only with natural fertilizer friendly to man and earth, such as composted mountain grass, oil cake and fishmeal. No chemical fertilizer is used.

We work hard to responsibly grow safe tea, weeding in the midsummer, removing the dead cedar and other leaves that are blown on to the tea field, and removing insects one by one whenever they appear.

No radioactive substances detected

Yakushima is an island south of Kyushu Japan. No radioactive substances have been detected in this green tea powder.

Latte, smoothie, protein shake, sweets and other recipes

Green tea is nutritious, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial. Why not make it part of your daily eating habits? This powder makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of green tea anytime, anywhere, simply by mixing it into drinks, sweets, and other recipes without having to brew tea from the leaf.

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What’s the difference between sencha and matcha?

Sencha and matcha are originally the same green tea. Matcha is grown shielded from sunshine for a period of time to reduce photosynthetic reaction. Sencha is richer in vitamin C than matcha, because it is grown naturally in the sunlight.

What makes this tea special? How do I use it?

This tea has an attractive mellow, natural taste. If you think that all Japanese tea is bitter and astringent, this tea may give you a slightly different impression.

What grade of sencha is this?

The climate of Yakushima is mild, and the tea can be harvested earlier than anywhere else in Japan. And only the first flush is taken, from late March to early April, and powdered while still fresh. It is the finest rare item produced in limited quantity.

What is Yakushima like?

An island floating at the midpoint between the main island of Japan and Okinawa, “Yakushima” is a miracle blessed with abundant nature, a mountain with an altitude of 2000 m surrounded by the beautiful sea.

Visitors thrill at the contrast between the winter snow on the summit and the tropical mangroves. Yakushima’s tea cultivation is organic and pesticide-free. The tea fields are at relatively high altitudes, and so suffer less harm from insects, making cultivation possible without using pesticides. Also, the entire island is blessed with clean water that is not polluted by agricultural chemicals, making delicious tea possible.

Enjoy first flush green tea powder from Yakushima, the island of mystery and miracles.

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Green Tea

Delicious tea with 1 spoonful (about 1 g)of tea powder.
One packet of 50 g will make about 50 cups of tea.

Latte, smoothie, protein shake

Mix in 1 spoonful (or your preferred quantity) of tea powder with the other ingredients.

Other recipes

Mix in your preferred quantity of tea powder into sweets such as cookies or cakes to enjoy the fine flavor of sencha. Or try sprinkling tea powder on fish recipes for a delightful new taste.